Hi, I’m Chris. I’m on a mission to partner with purpose-driven businesses and nonprofits to make an impact. 
I’m a freelance brand designer and creative director based in Austin, Texas. With 17 years of experience across a wide variety of industries, business sizes, agencies, and in-house roles—I’m now focused on delivering exceptional value through independent brand identity, web design, and graphic design services.
Here’s what makes me different.
Expert Knowledge
From entry-level designer to leading creative at multi-million dollar businesses and agencies—I’m here to provide you expert assistance.
High-Value Package
I combine agency-quality expertise with hands-on, meticulous execution in a cost-effective package that consistently produces stellar results.
I’m Here for You
I’m a reliable, service-oriented collaborator who’s steadfast and devoted to the success of you, your team, and your clients.
Passion for Craft
I want to work with passionate and inspirational teams who share my love for crafting remarkable brands through strategic design.
The Full Picture
I view every project through a 360° lens that includes research, business goals, marketing strategy, creative exploration, and client satisfaction.
Values & Dreams
I strive to embody kindness, empathy, and understanding—and I have a sappy, heartfelt dream to leave a positive mark on this crazy world.
I’d like to be your go-to for creative and design support. 
Brand Identity 
Logo Design
Creative Direction & Strategy
Art Direction
Brand Guidelines
Brand Templates
Web Design
Web Development (via Framer)
Graphic Design 
Print Collateral & Digital Assets
Decks & Presentations
Advertising Design
Social Media Design
Content Marketing Design
Email Marketing Design
Trade Show & Events Design
A few kind words from kind clients.
“Chris not only led us through the technical aspects of our website rebranding, but also the content strategy, design, and development, helping us refine our goals and shape our vision of the future of our business. The site is doing its job spectacularly, bringing us potential new client opportunities, and raising awareness of our brand and services.”
-Torquil Dewar, Creative Director & Owner at October Custom Publishing
“Chris has been a key player in QuantumDigital’s success for over 15 years now. He started here as an entry-level production designer and quickly grew through multiple senior-level and director roles within the company. He has helped us develop and maintain our brand identity, web presence, and marketing strategy in various capacities over the years. He has been a trusted consultant who I always rely on to provide a fresh, creative perspective to our unique business challenges.” 
-Eric Cosway, EVP & CSO at QuantumDigital, Inc.
“I started working with Chris as a freelance designer while running my agency Yellowfin. Chris quickly became a regular resource for design work as he possesses a unique talent—a natural elegance and grace in style that is hard to find. That talent has lent clarity to my agency's work that my clients love. I highly recommend Chris.”
-Tina Schweiger, Co-Founder & CEO at Feelalytics
A few kind words from colleagues.
“Chris is a rare one—being both right and left-brained—honestly, I've never worked with a Creative Director with such a keen level of insight on project details and timing—it helped solidify a seamless creative process where nothing fell through the cracks. Chris’ reliability is unmatched and his responsiveness is always a beat ahead of what's anticipated. From soup-to-nuts branding projects to quick-turn, hair-on-fire requests, Chris always delivers.”
-Melanie Martin, Account & Project Supervisor at Bloom Communications
“Chris has all of the technical skills I would expect from a Creative Director, yes, but what I really admire about him are his intangibles: his authenticity and kindness when talking to clients; his ability to relate with his teammates; his detail-oriented nature (something I still think about to this day when I encounter a typo or an error in some creative work). I would eagerly recommend him to anybody looking to create or bolster their organizational branding.”
-Cydny Black, Marketing & PR Lead at The University of Texas at Austin
“Chris is a problem solver, positive thinker, and great listener. His calm demeanor and ability to put those around him at ease fosters an atmosphere that allows people to express their ideas without fear of judgment. He is a consummate professional—fair, humble, committed, full of integrity, and focused on what’s in the best interest of the company and project. He is a skilled designer that you can rely on wholeheartedly.”
-Cynthia Fedor, Realtor at Juice Real Estate Group
Want to build something great? 
I’d love to hear about it.
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