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From the Client
After meeting and discussing our website needs with numerous vendors, we decided to work with Chris Atkins Design. His refreshingly open, easy approach to our website revamp was immediately appealing. As this was our first time completely rebranding our portfolio and services, we needed someone who would guide us, provide answers to our numerous (often dumb-sounding) requests and questions, and who would never let the process become overwhelming or unnecessarily complicated. Chris not only led us through the technical aspects of the website rebranding, but also the content strategy, design, and development—helping us refine our goals, and shape our vision of the future of our business.
The end results speak for themselves—our new website’s functionality, look, and feel, is light years ahead of the old. It’s already doing its job spectacularly after being online for a short time—bringing us to the attention of potential new client opportunities, and raising awareness of our brand and services. I cannot recommend Chris highly enough, and I am determined to work with him again in the near future.”
-Torquil Dewar, Creative Director & Owner at October Custom Publishing
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